Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Under Smokey Skies

Northern California during summer fire season is rather unpleasant. You can generally expect quite a few wild fires to ignite and right now, we are being struck by more than a few. Not that I put much faith in the local news broadcasters, but one report indicated close to 800 fires of varying size have burned since we had thunderstorms last weekend. With all of that fire all around, the air is hazy and smoky. Kind of a bummer since my son desperately wants to play outside and we have had to remain cooped up for 4 days now. The photos below are of the eerie red sun at sunset shining though the haze.



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photogirl72 said...

I haven't taken to many pix of the haze. To depressing really. I'd prefer rainclouds to this.

I'm hoping we will get a small breeze to blow out the smoke, but not affect the fires. I heard it was around 600 fires... Granted, a lot of those fires have been small things.

The ones that bother me are the big ones that they don't have contained and keep getting bigger.

I guess now would be a good time to pray for rain.