Saturday, January 03, 2009

2009 New Years Resolutions

The new year always seems like a good time to make personal changes in my life. Even though nothing has really changed except the turning of a page on a calendar, mentally it feels like someone hit the "reset' button and I have the chance for renewal. That said, I do not have a great track record with following through with my resolutions. Even if I don't complete my resolutions, I find it helpful to write them down. For some reason I can think of my resolutions until I am blue in the face, but until I write them down, they are only ideas. When I put them down on pen or on my computer screen, I give myself permission to start acting on them. So without any further ado, here is my 2009 New Years Resolutions.


1 Be more productive. I have 24 hours in a day. I can use them better to get things done that I want to do as well as need to do. I can turn the tv (and the laptop) off and waste a lot less time.

2 Be a better Mom. Im not a bad mom by any stretch but I need to be more patient with my son and cherish the little time I have left with him before I wake up and he is a teenager who doesn't need his mother any more.

3 Be a better Wife. I neeed to take better care of my husband. He works so hard and is such a devoted husband and father. I need to tell him more often, with my words and actions, that I love him and appreciate him.

4 Update this blog. I want to post regularly with fiber related progress as well as post updates about my life and family.

Fiber Related

1 Organize and Maintain family office and craft room. I feel like having a messy space for my crafts holds me back from doing more with my sewing and knitting.

2 Complete projects. I am a process crafter and the finished project isn't as important to me as the fun I experience from creating it. Still it would be nice to get some projects off the needles this year. A more complete list will be available when the craft room is organized and I can actually see what I have.

3 Learn something new. I enjoy knitting and I want to continue to grow in my skills. I would like to learn a couple techniques this year:
a. Continental Knitting- I may be too set in my way by now, but I would like to learn this style of knitting or at least give it the good old college try.
b. Two-color Knitting- I would like to add some pizzazz to my knitting and these designs look so neat.

4 Learn to spin. I have a drop spindle and I would like to learn to use it, but I would also like to take a spinning class and learn spinning on a spinning wheel. I will give it a try at least.

5 Make gifts for family rather than buy commercial gifts. At least for the ones that would appreciate it. I like the idea of giving something I made with my hands rather than purchased in a store. Even if I purchased the yarn and the needles and the pattern in a store. I digress.

Well, there you have my resolutions. What are yours?


brownII2 said...

Hey, we all have issues with resolutions. I believe in you, therefore you can accomplish your goals...just go one week at a time, or even by day, if you have to. That is what I have to do. By The WAY:I have an idea about some easy hand-made crafts for those who appreciate them... make knitted covers for mp3 players, and stuff like that. Tricia was supposed to be making can koozies. That would also be a great way to use up the yarn that you don't have alot of. I am on the hunt for a pink cover for an mp3 player. Walmart sells a set of 5 knitted 'socks' in different colors (sadly, they don't have pink). You might even be able to sell them on Ebay and make a bit.

BrownCoat said...

Hey, I agree, it is hard to keep resolutions. They are just like diets, you just can't make them work unless they are life changes instead.

I am with you on making more of my gifts. We will knit and learn to spin together.

I can't help you with the husband and mothering thing though. Sorry.

I have one extra life change that I would like to add for me.

I vow to stop drinking soda and eating chips (potato or corn, etc.) starting Friday the 9th. I know I should say that I am going to start today, but today we will be at Yaks and I want one last Pepsi with coconut before I jump on this wagon train of mine.

I also want to eat less red meat. It will be hard to stick to this one since I love a good steak and I really don't like chicken unless it is disguised in something that probably isn't good for me anyway.

I do love fish though, so maybe I can substitute fish instead of beef?

Okay, so now that I've stated the changes I want to make on someone else's blog, maybe I can do it. Yes?

Anyway, good luck with yours and anytime you need encouragement I'm here for ya.