Sunday, January 23, 2011

Frequent Trips to Home Stores

I hate home improvement! Let me reiterate that: I HATE home improvement. Ok, so hate may be a strong word. I enjoy the results of working on my house and the sense of accomplishment when a project is finished, but I do not like the process or the chaos that goes along with home improvement.

We rent our home from a family member and they are replacing the carpeting with a laminate flooring product. Before we have the floors done, we wanted to paint the walls and get a new look. Over the last year (because we are lazy and procrastinated) we have painted every other room except our master bedroom. We finally could not put it off any longer and started painting last Saturday. We blew up an air mattress and have been sleeping in the living room all week because our room looks like the Tazmanian Devil made a quick stop in there. Now the room is painted, we have to put it all back together as well as paint all of the baseboards, interior doors, door jams and window sills. I swear if I never see another paintbrush, blue painters tape or a roller again, it will a day too soon.

The good news is that we have a time frame now. The flooring product was ordered Friday and it will take 2 weeks approximately to arrive. We will have it delivered immediately, and then the installer can begin work in our house soon after. We will be "moving" to my husband's parent's house for a week during installation. So it seems like we will be getting the floors installed in about three weeks. I will be so pleased with the end result, but I can't wait for it to be over so we can get on with our lives and get back to normal.

Needless to say, I have not been remotely interested in knitting for a couple weeks. I went to knitting group last week and didn't bring anything to knit. I also am behind in reading for my 2011 challenges as well. I have been reading updates on my fan fiction stories here and there, but I need to sneak out with my Nook and head to a quiet place and just read in peace for a few hours soon. I am craving the solitude.

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