Saturday, July 23, 2005

Fafnir's Quest

Fafnir is a new addition to my family. He came to us after he climbed into my husband's lap at the Harry Potter Party at our local bookstore last week. He has proven to be quite the Harry Potter fan actually and he sat patiently listening to the the lastest installment from JK Rowling, "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince."

Since Fafnir arrived in his new humble abode, has been immersed in plenty of manly pleasures, such as all night video game sessions and scratching himself. I am pleased, however, to tell you that he has not acquired the skills of passing gas or forgetting to put the toilet seat down. This afternoon, my husband and I had to run some errands and we decided that it was ok to leave Fafnir at home by himself. He was content with his Xbox game and can of Bud Light. (Now for those underage drinking police that find it appalling to see a dragon drinking beer, 1. Fafnir is well above the legal drinking age of 21 and 2. you should be more appalled that he is drinking Bud Light as opposed to other much finer ales, such as Sierra Nevada Pale Ale).

You could imagine our surprise when we came home, groceries in tow, to find this scene on our couch. Apparently, I left my knitting bag too close. Fafnir has decided to take up knitting.!What a great choice of a book to start his knitting career! Not only will he get to hone his skills but I will bet a brand spankin' new dishcloth as well. My husband has mixed feelings about this (though he shouldn't. There are plenty of men who knit!) I just think he is feeling a little jealous. I, being the good-natured creature that I am, will be pleased to pass on the craft! Should I start him out with cables??

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