Sunday, July 31, 2005

So I FELT like knitting

This is my first ever felted project! Some would think that the bag is a little flashy for me, but I love the comments I get when I use it. It is called the Booga Bag but it has a few adaptations to make it more suitable for me. The first adaptation is the furry purple yarn that I added. I really enjoy combining yarns to create unique and interesting fabrics and this was a joy to do. The other tweak is that I made the top differently. Instead of scrunching the top into a "pleat", I went with an open top bag. The only drawback is that it flaps open quite often and I would apply a magnetic snap closure to fix that. I also would like to experiment with creating pockets and compartments, because it can easily become a bottomless pit. Any advice on that would be greatly appreciated.

Yarns I used:
  • Wool of the Andes, by Knitpicks . Color 23442 Hyacinth. This is 100% Peruvian Wool and is very affordable at $1.79/ball. It also felted very nicely. I held two strands together and used 8 balls total.
  • Antico, by Trendsetter . Color 118. Really fun to work with although I was left with a tangled mess, I don't like the way the make up their balls all that much.

Altogether, this was a fun project and I would recommend it to someone that is new and wants to try their hand at felting!

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Rhonda said...

Just love your Booga bag out of Wool of the Andes. The top looks too cute!!

I did a similar bag out of Cascade 220 in black and pink with novelty yarn in pink at top.

If I every get the straps and embellishments sewn on, I'll post a picture on my personal blog.