Thursday, July 28, 2005

Fafnir's Success

Well, after a couple of false starts and a few dropped stitches, Fafnir is off and knitting at breakneck speed! I must say that he is a fast learner and and has completed his first project. The dishcloth that he made is lovely and will fit very nicely in my kitchen. Even though he exhibited stellar talent, I fear that he will not keep up with the knitting! Oh well, So much for my protege'.


Shelly H. said...

I love the "story time" style of your blog. Will we be seeing pics of your knitting projects? Fafnir is pretty good at it, but what about you? Or are the projects gifts that have to stay hidden until after the holidays?

Stacy said...

Shelly, Thanks for the comment. I am currently working on a few projects and I will be photographing them soon. I am pretty new to this blog thing. Please check back soon!