Monday, July 25, 2005

Hot Dog Wishes and Redwood Dreams

It was a week moment for me. No one was around to tell me to stop and think about it. So I made the decision on my own ( no small feat). No, I didn't order myself a Plasma TV Set or any other electronic equipment for that matter. I placed reservations for a two-night camping trip at Patrick's Point State Park. This might not seem like that big of a deal to most people but it is simply thrilling to me. Here are a few reasons I am so excited for this brief getaway:

  1. It is nearly 110 degrees here in the North Valley, It will be 60-70 at the coast.
  2. It has been two years since I went to the coast and this is my favorite place to camp.
  3. There is something romantic if not rustic about sleep in a tent surrounded by towering redwood giants (and racoons, and other four legged critters).

There is also local cuisine to savor and lots of rest (right, who am I kidding?). So I am beginning my countdown now. 32 days and counting!!!

1 comment:

carol said...

Ohhh! Cool breezes, some foggy mist among the redwoods, the pitter patter of little varmint feet rummaging through your knitting bag you forgot to bring into the tent.

HaHa. It does sound good after all this yucky heat we have had. But we know how fast time flies and it will be fall soon and it will be cooler here.

I want to thank you and Kyle for driving all the way up here today.
Thanks to Kyle for getting my laptop wireless so I can be comfy on the couch and chat with you.