Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Dreams, Revisited

Once again, I have not been posting for quite a while, but I have a really good excuse this time. He was born three weeks ago and he is our new son!

I got a call on Friday, April 21, about afost-adopt case of a newborn baby boy that was in NICU at the local hospital. To be truthful, I was really scared about it, he had some medical issues that frightened me on the surface. But on closer examination, the issues were not really a big deal and we decided that this was a case that sounded appealing. After a blur of a weekend, meeting the little guy,telling our families,shopping for essentials and a slew of calls from social workers, we brought him home Monday, April 24. He has a name given to him by his birthmother, but we are going to change the name after we adopt him to Baby S. Though the law may say that he is not ours, he was my baby the moment I laid eyes on him. As far as legal stuff, Mom doesnt want him and she didnt give any useful information on the father. We believe that God put him in our home for a reason, and he will work out the custody.

And, no, I am not sleeping all that well, but who cares...My dreams have come true.

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