Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Louella, the Famous Custacean

Famous Custacean2

Update 9/23/2008~Just a quick post to let people know what is up on Pinata Island. My friends list is overflowing and I have decided to use an alternate gamertag to handle the overflow. Please send any further Requests to gamertag Kah Mah Tso . Also, please be patient with me. I do my best to meet the demand, but I have a family and a life outside of Viva Pinata Island. Hold tight my friends, there are lots of Famous Pinatas that have generous owners and if I don't get to you, they will. Check out Xenocidic's Blog as well. To all of those gardeners that have Xbox Live Silver Accounts, I am sorry, but I will be unable to help you since you can't visit my garden unless you are using gold. There are other gamers out there that are sending their Famous Pinatas using the crate system. Go to this thread on the Xbox Forums to find a gamer who is willing to help. Happy Gardening!

Update 9/22/2008~ Wow, It feels like a full time job being Louella's publicity agent! I am taking Friends Requests from gamers all the time who want to receive Louella in their post office. I have made a change to the way I distribute the achievement. Instead of sending her out, I have chosen to invite gardeners into Louella's garden. I have more control of how she is treated and I am able to serve more gamers. Since the Last update, she has been seen by folks in Germany, the UK, Ireland, Sweden, Finland, Canada (3 provinces), Mexico, as well as the following states in the US: Tennessee, Michigan, Missouri, Florida, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Indiana, California, Washington, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Ohio, Iowa (got Hawkeyes!!!), and Oklahoma. My friends list is getting full with maybe 10 slots or so left. I may have to start up a gamertag for Louella to handle the overflow. I dont want to drop people from my friends list if I dont have to!!! I will keep you posted if I make this change. For now, send Friend Requests to Scarlet Purls.

Update 9/18/2008~A second busy travel day for our girl. She is "happy as a clam" getting to visit gardens around the world. Today's destinations many visits within the United States, including Annahiem, CA, (home of Disneyland, too bad there aren't any mouse ears in the accessories menu), Florida, Louisiana, Michigan, Texas, Mississippi, New York and Pennsylvania. She also went to visit a nice family south of the equator in Auckland, New Zealand. She is resting comfortably now in her crate, but the list grows longer of the people that want to have a look at her. Please be patient. I am a mom and wife as well...and needless to say, my knitting has suffered terribly since I bought this game...

Update 9/17/2008~Louella, has had one heck of a day. She traveled to the UK 9 times, as well as going to Australia, Guatemala, North Carolina, Illinois, Missouri, and Tennessee. She had an extended visit with a rude gamer who thought he should try to keep her for himself. The trauma was exacerbated when he renamed her and changed her clothing. Thank you to Tim for "persuading" him to send it back and she will get rested up for another day of Globetrotting. I think her teeth are going to get rotten from all the happy candy she is getting!

Yesterday, while minding my own business and playing Viva Pinata on the Xbox360, I received a crate in the game. I went to see who it was from and I started sputtering when i realized that it was a "Famous Pinata" sent to me by one of the game developer at RARE, BigSHEEP. This pinata unlocks the Famous Pinata Achievement when you uncrate it in your garden. She is a Custacean Pinata and I have been sharing her with fellow gamers over Xbox Live. Below is a map of her travels. It is kind of sad that this Pinata is more traveled than I am.


BrownCoat said...

Way to cool! She's far more traveled than I'll ever be now!

Anonymous said...

Thank you! I responded to a post on Gamefaqs about a famous pinata. It ended up being Luella! In the last 2 hours she has probably been to about 6 people!

Stacy said...

Yes, she is quite popular!!!