Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Book Review: The English American

englishamericanWhen I received free tickets to see Allison Larkin read excerpts from her novel, "The English American", I had no Idea what I was in for. I had no idea that she was a delightful comedienne with a spunky personality or that she was an adoptee with an amazing story. After an hour of laughing and crying (really) it was a no-brainer that I NEEDED to pick up this book.

I personally identify with the main character, Pippa Dunn, who is an adoptee who feels a little out of place in her family. In her mid twenties she decides that she desires to meet the woman who gave her birth, just like me. Unlike me, her journey takes her clear across the world from the UK where she grew up in an English family to the USA where her birthmother lived. Pippa's experience was intense at times and humorous as well. I heard myself on more than one occasion uttering statements like, "Oh yeah, I have been there!" or "wow, I never could put my finger on it but THAT is exactly how I feel". This story doesn't attempt to victimize adoptees, but by loosly telling Allison's own story, it gives adoptees a voice they may never have had before. It is much easier for me to hand this book over to a friend or relative and ask them to read it than it is to tell them in my own words how adoption has affected my life.

An added benefit for me is that by reading Allison's Story, I can gain perspective on how to treat my own child, who is an adoptee himself. I would highly recommend this book to anyone whose life is touched by adoption...and for everyone else as well.

Here is a little snippet introduce you to Allison Larkin. I hope you find her as delightful as I did:

Book Information:
Title: The English American
Author: Allison Larkin
ISBN: 9781416551591
Published: 3/4/2008
Allison's Website

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BrownCoat said...

Even though I'm not adopted, seeing and hearing Larkin has really put a lot into perspective for me too. I get some of the crazy odd things that Ted will do now.

I haven't finished the book yet, but I did finish It Itches, so I will bring that one to Knitting tomorrow.