Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Two Expensive Words

A conversation was held between my good friend and I last night. It started like this:
Me: "I have two expensive words that I want to run by you...

Stitches West."

I won't rehash the entire conversation, but I can summarize it nicely. We went from thinking it would cost us $675.00, which neither of us could afford unless we each had a rich relative kick the bucket and leave us a sizable inheritance. We then found that we could take a single three hour class and gain admission to the show floor as well for $80.00. Much more reasonable, but on further inspection, we found out that we can go see the vendors without taking a class for only $12.00 for 2 days. This is appealing because we will have more money for yarn! We have a lucky advantage in that she works for a major hotel chain and can get us a NICE room for only $39.00 a night. So what started as a hair brained idea has turned into something we can really afford to do.

In case you do not know what Stitches West is, it is a large knitting and fiber show that takes place in Santa Clara, CA at the Santa Clara Convention Center. There will be book signings by big name authors and yarn. There will be demos and yarn. There will be a "knit doctor" and yarn. Did I mention there will be yarn there? I will be walking around like a zombie before the end of the trip.

I am so excited about this trip that I even told my husband that I will buy NO yarn between now and Stitches West. (Friday, February 27th). I should be knitting on other projects to make room for more yarn.

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BrownCoat said...

I knew someday it would pay off to work for a hotel!!!! Yay me!!!

I placed my last yarn order just before you spoke those expensive words, so I to vow to not buy any more yarn until Feb. 27th!!!! Instead I am going to devote my energy to paying off my two credit cards so that I may use them at the show.... I'm such a bad person.

I also plan to do some stash busting knitting between now and then, you are right, must make room for new yarn. LOL!