Monday, January 19, 2009

A Budding Artist

Do you ever sense that you are going to have one of those days? After breakfast today I was distracted with a phone call. When Mommy is distracted, my little boy takes advantage of the opportunity to get into mischief. Today's brand of mischief included a marking pen and here are the results:


My Clapotis Spreadsheet (luckily tucked in a page protector and thus wiped clean)


The wall in his bedroom (we used a good paint that is washable, so I was able to wash it clean)


He also managed to mark up his hands, face, shirt, pants and socks.

The shirt he is wearing in the photo is a little ironic. We got it for him to wear at Christmas and it says, "Believe Me I'm Nice" And in the shadow under the word Nice, it says Naughty. How appropriate.

I wonder if famous artists like Picasso or Van Gogh colored on the walls when they were two years old?


brownII2 said...

My step-nephew does artwork similar to your son's... Only we call him POO-casso for obvious reason! LOL! It washes off stuff too, just stinkier! He finally grew out of that stage, thank heavens!

BrownCoat said...

Thank God Sean isn't a poo-casso!!! OMG! Gross!

He is quite the stinker, I'm sorry I had you so distracted.