Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Get Rich (Not So) Quick

I have never believed in get rich quick schemes. Pyramid scams have never appealed to me either. I believe that it takes work to earn money and I am not afraid to commit time and effort to a job. My main job, and the one that is most rewarding, is to be Sean's Mommy. But in two short years, my little man will start school and I will have more time to pursue other interests. For the last month I have been researching options for me to work at home using the internet. I don't feel like I am any closer to coming up with a profitable option.

I have submitted content to Associated Content, but it is awaiting approval and I have my doubts about how much money I could actually earn submitting articles to sites like this. The advantage of using sites that pay for content is that they have the resources to get your content wide scale exposure. Content producers get paid upfront for work and also paid for clicks. The disadvantage is that you are at the mercy of the editors who can approve or deny your content and once the content is published, you no longer own it.

Another option I have been mulling over is writing a blog for profit. I am a decent writer and there are topics that I am passionate about. Finding one that I could write about and make money is difficult. The knitting blog market is quite saturated. Here are a few more ideas that I am bouncing around:

Conservative Politics-I am casually interested in conservatism and I definitely have strong opinions. My concern with breaking into the political blog world is that I may not have time to write current pieces in the fast paced genre and I don't really need controversy.

Cooking- Everyone has to eat and busy people need help finding simple recipes that pack tons of flavor. I am no gourmet cook by any stretch, but I have average skills in the kitchen. My skill set is probably similar to web surfers that have busy lives and need to get meals on the table for their families. If I were able to find a unique niche in this market, like crockpot recipes or something similar, this could be a profitable topic for me.

Baking- I love to bake and this is a topic that I could write about easily. I also do cake decorating. This target market is more narrow than the previous one. and I wonder if I would be able to gain a following in this genre.

Parenting-Something that I have experience with and can speak about with some authority. This topic is ever evolving with new ideas and books coming out all the time. It is not a topic that would ever go out of style and there is a constant flow of consumers becoming parents all the time. I have given this some thought and think posting daily parenting tips would be a marketable option.

Ok, I just needed to get all that out of my head an onto my blog. I need your help. I would like your feedback about the topics I listed and any other ideas you may have to making a career online. Thanks!


BrownCoat said...

You know.... I'm thinking you could find a way to combine baking and knitting in some way. You know, like "Baking for Knitters" type thing.

I know YarnChef does cooking with yarn, but you aren't an indy dyer and she isn't blogging about it. She does have a blog, but she hasn't written in months and it didn't really seem to be about combining baking with knitting.

Stacy said...

Thanks for the comment, Browncoat. That is an idea I had not thought about. I will have to give it some thought. A topic that could reach a slightly wider audience than just a baking site or a knitting site. hmm. Thanks again! Keep those ideas coming!