Friday, February 13, 2009

A Plan

Thank you to Browncoat for offering a good suggestion. After contemplating nonstop for the last week, I am excited to have a topical blog that I believe can be fun to write and profitable as well. I decided that I should stick with what I know and talk about parenting. As long as I am alive people will be having children so this genre is not a passing fad. I can get a steady audience by promoting myself on other blogs and websites. I don't want to give away my entire plan yet, but I will keep you informed as this idea progresses and becomes a reality.

I have a lot to do in the next month or two and I have a lot to learn as well. SEO (Search Engine Optimization), writing code to make a great looking blog, working with software like Photoshop, working out the kinks with a new domain name and web hosting service. There is a steep learning curve and I am about to start climbing it.

Here is a BRIEF Plan of attack:
-Register domain name (I have a really good one, which I will share AFTER I register it)
-Set up webhosting
-Set up Wordpress account and learn how to download and host my own blog
-Dig into designing (This will take a while, but I want a great look from day one so I will spend some time research what works and looks good, and then start making it happen)
-Set up advertisement programs to optimize revenue
-Through online research and surveys, find out what information people need
-Develop quality content
-Create a queue of content so I will be able to publish good content at launch
-Set up microblogging accounts to drive people to my site
-After Lauch, put myself in places that my audience frequents and post to other people's blogs.
-Make it easy to subcribe to my feed
-Offer a promotion to get subscribers in, Like a drawing

This is a preliminary game plan. I will let you know as this progresses. If you have any other suggestions about what I need to do to get going, please leave a comment.

I will be continuing with this blog for personal/knitting purposes, at least for now. At some point I may migrate over to Wordpress, but for now I will stick around blogger. Thanks for reading!


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BrownCoat said...

Sounds good to me. I like your ideas a lot. You are picking a topic that will have just enough controversy to keep people reading.