Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Already a Slacker (NaBloPoMo)

Seriously I wrote one post and then I already skipped a day.  I guess I am already slacking on my NaBloPoMo goals.  Sigh.  In all fairness to myself, I did have to work much earlier yesterday as I was substituting for a coworker whose husband was having surgery.

Happy Election Day USA!  I have been a horrible citizen.  I used to be really involved and able to share educated opinions about the election.  I am sorry to say that I did not even vote in the Primary Election this year.   After getting a bit of knitting and some housework done this morning I sat down and studied the ballot measures and finally made my decisions.  This afternoon as soon as school gets out, with our son and our completed sample ballots in tow, my husband and I will be going to our polling place to cast our votes!  I am excited, much more so than my son, to show him what voting is all about in the hope that when his time comes he will take advantage of his right to vote and will consider it an honor and a responsibility the same way I do.

What I'm thankful for today:  I am so thankful that I live in a country where the people can elect the leaders in a peaceful, orderly way.  I am glad that everyone who is eligible to vote gets a say in the way our country is led.
What I'm watching:  Nothing!  I was able to watch Vampire Diaries Sunday night as well as Arrow, but we did not get around to watching Chicago Fire.  I really am enjoying Arrow, which is on the CW, I am always a bit hesitant to get involved watching new series shows because I hate it when I just get to where I know the characters a bit more and the network cancels it.   Tonight I will be channel surfing the major cable news carriers to get the latest news in election returns.
What I'm knitting: Yesterday, I knit a few rows on my "Commuter Scarf". This is a scarf project that lives in my car.  In fact, the only place I allow myself to knit on it is inside my car.  I love going places, but I am not as crazy about driving there.  More often than not, my husband drives me and I have time for knitting even if it is just a short trip to the supermarket.  I pulled out some fingering weight yarn and some of my older size 10 circular needles, placed them in a project bag, and taped the instructions to the One Row Lace Scarf to the passenger side dash board.  Now I can knit on the go without having to plan a project to take with me every time I leave the house.

I also bound off my second Meret Beret.  I made this one for my niece, Kylie, for Christmas.  I made the brim in he small size and did the number of repeats to make it a medium.  This project is made with Simply Soft Yarn by Caron's, which is awesome because it really is soft, especially after it is washed once plus it is machine washable.

Finally, Yesterday I cast on for a third Meret Beret out of the same yarn for Cassie.  I am making hers in the medium size but adding rows for slouchiness.  This morning I was able to complete one repeat of the main body chart. Not sure if I will get a chance to knit anymore today.


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