Tuesday, January 31, 2006

If I Only Had a Camera.....

There are moments in life that are here and gone in the next instant. For those times I wish I had a camera to capture an expression, a gesture, or something else that strikes my fancy.

Here is a brief list of "If I Only Had A Camera" moments that have occured recently:

1.As I was working on my upcoming blog facelift using my old, overheating laptop, my darling cat, Noel, came along and parked herself on top of the keyboard, thus hindering my efforts. She stayed there for quite a while, purring and snuggling on my laptop. What I didnt understand at the time was that she was actually hanging out there not to be affectionately close to me, but rather to get warmth from the laptop. A cozy computer...who knew?

2.Another cat moment (I can't help myself, there are so many to choose from). After Kool-Aid Dyeing my wool yarn this last week, I had a hank setting on the carpet getting ready to wind up. Noel came along, layed down and began to fondle the yarn in her paws. She sniffed it (It was a brightly colored orange yarn and had the faint smell of orange Kool-Aid) and ran her cheek back and forth over it, letting the yarn caress her whiskers. I think she takes after me.

3. While aimlessly wandering the aisles of JcPenney, I was pondering the question: Do those male mannequins have male anatomy? I mean female mannequins have boobs, but with the loose fitting clothing draped on these poor dummies, it was hard to tell if they were real men at all. I asked my dear husband if he would check for me and he pulled the boxers down off one poor fellow to see that he did in fact have what resembled the male anatomy. Pretty soon, with all his inhibitions gone, my husband could be seen groping the other "man-equins" to see that they too were well endowed. This had me thinking of the hit song from Da Vinci's Notebook entitled "Enormous Penis" . If we were seen by the folks on the store security cameras, I am sure that we looked like perverts. My husband, incidently, is likely to kill me for posting this.


Nessie Noodle said...

Come join us- we will have the knit along extend past the "Olympic Season"... it will be fun.

Marguerite said...

When I'm on the loveseat with my laptop I sit in the middle so one little dog can get on each side of me. They race to see who can get the side with the fan blowing nice warm air.