Friday, January 20, 2006

In the Black

Today feels strange. I know that last Friday was Friday the 13th. Nothing seemed to be going right last week. All of the strangeness seems to have waited a week and come to hit me when I least expect it. On a normal Friday, I would get up around 8:30, have breakfast and get ready to go to the YMCA to volunteer in the Computer Lab. My husband accidentally slept in and missed his ride to work so I had to get up early and take him in to the office. I went to my LQS/LYS to meet a friend who is lending me a book and picked up some Addi's for me. She was running behind and her other co-worker had a fender bender and came to work 20 minutes late. Now I am at the YMCA and I wonder what else will go haywire today!?! It will be a little different this afternoon because I will be picking up my husband at 2:00 to start an early weekend. I am almost afraid to continue knitting on Marina for fear I will drop a whole bunch of stitches.

Speaking of Marina, I am pleased to report that I have completed the tan upper portion of the sweater. I sat and worked on it all day yesterday and my rear end was numb by the time I was done. I have picked up the black stitches to knit the body in the round. I'll post a picture when I have made some more progress.

I know this was a strange post. It is fitting for such a strange day. Happy Friday the 20th.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Stacy,

Well, I did see your Marina today. Wish I had the guts to try such a challenge. It is looking soooo awesome! You did a wonderful job teaching the felted hat class. Janet and I are so pleased with our hats. THANKS!