Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Missing in Action

Well, I know that there have been no posts for quite some time but I hope catch you up on what is going on in my life in the last couple months. First, and most importantly, I want to admit my utter failure in the knitting olympics. I was so excited about the challenge of completing something in the time alloted. To review, I had intened to complete the Jesse's Flame raglan sweater from SNB Nation. I am using the colors in the pattern-black, red, and yellow in Lionbrand Woolease. I think this project was a little ambitious for me in the short 16 days from the opening ceremonies to the closing ceremonies. This project includes intarsia on the sleeves, something I have never done before. I also ran into some problems with the needles having too much drag and slowing me down. In the end, I completed the front and 1/2 of the back and it is in my ongoing project stash to be completed slowly.

I did acheive some small success completing some projects during by absence. First of all, I made a Fibertrends Wide Brimmed Felted Hat using Cascade 220, for my friend Annette. It turned out very cute and she loves it. I had made the same hat using Cascade Pastaza and I now prefer the 220 better. It is much lighter weight and not nearly as scratchy. Here is the hat before I felted it:

Fibertrends Hat before felting

Here is a look at the hat after I felted it:

Fibertrends Felted Hat

I also completed my second pair of socks. I will say that I am a very slow sock knitter and I don't knit them very regularly. These socks were knit from the toe up using 2 at once on one circular needles. I used Cool Wool from Lana Grossa.

Cool Wool Socks

I also made a Nantasket Basket, which I finally finished today. I will take pictures soon to show you what this gem looks like felted. I said "finally finished" because I had to take break from knitting for a couple weeks. I actually just picked up my needles today. I woke up with a swollen wrist a couple of weeks ago for no apparent reason, and after icing it for a day without much relief, I went to the doctor and was diagnosed with de Quervain's Desease, which is a form of tendinitis. So I had a fashionable black wrist brace that immobilized most of my wrist and hand. It really cramped my style.


carol said...

Your brown hat turned out really cute, I guess we have the option of how we mold them to our personalities. Didn't that sound good??

Socks are so pretty, and you really are sure your stitches are as odd as mine are???

Now for the nagging. Don't forget to wear that brace as much as you can. I don't think your 2 weeks is up yet, is it? You sure don't want a relapse.

Stacie said...

Get better! I love the brown hat! and I am a pokey sock knitter too. How was the two at a time, toe up? Where can I find the pattern?

Stacy said...

Carol-I love it when you nag me. I really have been taking it easy and I have not knitted since I completed the Icord in the Nantasket Basket, which is complete! Yes my stitches look like yours, I promise.

Stacie (I love your Name! LOL even if you dont spell it right!)-Thanks for your comments. The pattern for the toe up on circular needles was from a booklet called "Sock:The Next Step" It is written by Carole Wulster and I ordered it from It is ok, although I would like to try another one to see if it goes better. There seems to be little airholes in the sides where I joined the heel and the instructions could use a few more pictures to make it more clear.

Bonzairn said...

From a fellow red headed blogger with the same dream - love your hat!