Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Where my Yarn Lives

I used to have a hobby room all for myself before I became a mother. When our son arrived, the space that I called my own was transformed into a nursery and my stuff was scattered about the house. Some of the fabric related stuff went into tidy storage boxes in the garage, while my sewing table and Yarn stuff was dumped, literally, into the home office shared by my darling husband. The office was so crammed with stuff, both his and mine, that we had to carve out a trail just to walk to the computer and the room had the feeling (and smell) of a cave.

I wanted to get back to my knitting, but my yarn was seemingly scattered to the four winds and chances of finding anything I needed for a project in that mess made me want to take up a different hobby and say, "to hell with knitting". Faced with shelling out lots of money to take underwater basketweaving or cleaning up the office. I chose the latter.

My husband had been using the closet in the office as his desk. He took off the doors and mounted a piece of MDF to use as a work surface. He also installed track lighting. Well, my husband has come out of the closet and my yarn went in. We cleared out the room, got a new desk for him so we are both happy.

My knitting Collections

With the track lighting installed, there is plenty of light for project planning, or if I want to sit and fondle the yarn.


Works in progress are stored in plastic bags in these hanging baskets. They are easy to grab, and not hidden so I am forced to see them everytime I go in there. Maybe this way I will get them done. Maybe not.

On the top shelf

The top shelf stores the ugly white styrofoam head and she is modeling a felted hat from Fibertrends. The jars contain dishcloth yarn and sock yarn.

A close up

A close up on the yarn. After all, that is what it is all about. Most notable is the top middle cubby CRAMMED with Manos Del Uruguay purchased at ONE DOLLAR PER HANK on clearance. I have no clue what I will do with it, but isnt it lovely? Also note the limited supply of novelty yarn tucked in the lower right corner like a dirty little secret.

Knitting Books

This cubby stores books, magazines, stationary, videos and loose patterns in a three ring binder.

Supplies 1
Supplies 2

And last but not least, we have knitting supplies. All of the circulars are bagged and tagged and hanging on hooks attached to the cubbies.

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